Bringing gaming PC to your home - remotely.

Play the newest games on a Gaming PC provided by another gamer. Connect and play, no installations required.

Clastr PC provider


We are bringing a gaming PC to your home! (not literally, but via the internet). Connect to someone else’s gaming PC and use their hardware to play your favorite games! All of the gaming PCs are provided by other gamers and businesses registered to Clastr as ”PC Providers”

It is FREE to join & try. Pay only if you play.

Playing with Clastr in 3 steps:

1. Create an account & fill in the details

2. Find the Game and available PC Provider nearby, and Play.

3. Pay for the time spent playing.

Clastr PC provider


Do you have a gaming PC that you don’t use as much? Make money with it by providing it on Clastr. If you have multiple PCs, or you are an Internet cafe/Gaming arena owner, you will be able to increase your revenue through providing your services remotely.


Do you have a good PC, but you would like to experience gaming on a better one? Provide your idle PC time and earn money to play on someone else's computer.

Create one account (for gamer or a PC provider) and switch your status on the platform.



We are a startup company with a passion for a decentralized future. Our goal is to improve the remote gaming experience by decreasing latency, jitter, and other issues that reduce gaming quality. We are helping gamers to save money, use their hardware more efficiently, make money with it, and prolong the overall time that hardware can be used at full capacity.

We know milliseconds matter - and it is our top priority to optimize Clastr for top gaming performances, and it will remain our priority for the foreseeable future.

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