Make money by hosting gamers on your PC

Install our Client application and provide your Gaming PC resources to gamers, remotely! The better your PC, the more money you can make


Get people in your gaming venue. Remotely.

Increase your revenue by providing your PCs on Clastr. Have a full remote-access and maintenance dashboard for each of your PCs registered on Clastr.

Clastr is designed to be compatible with the 3rd party software used to support your esports venue, and works based on a shared-revenue model.


Make money with your PC by hosting gaming sessions online.

Let’s see - You bought a gaming PC, even though everyone said it was a waste of money. You spent too much on it, and now you aren’t even using it that much, and proving those people right?

Our goal is to prove them wrong. Make money with your PC by providing it on Clastr for other gamers to use. This service is still in Beta, allowing you to Provide your PC to your friends, for free. But you can Register to wait for the newest updates.


Do you have a product or an idea that Clastr might help you with? Do you see how you would use Clastr for other purposes other than cloud gaming? Contact us, because we’re eager to hear more about your ideas!



We are a startup company with a passion for a decentralized future. Our goal is to improve the remote gaming experience by decreasing latency, jitter, and other issues that reduce gaming quality. We are helping gamers to save money, use their hardware more efficiently, make money with it, and prolong the overall time that hardware can be used at full capacity.

We know milliseconds matter - and it is our top priority to optimize Clastr for top gaming performances, and it will remain our priority for the foreseeable future.

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